Sustainable travel

Sustainable travel & eco principles

In Natural Croatia, nature means everything to us and our philosophy is to protect it. One of our first ideas to keep in mind from an old mountaineer book is „carry back with you whatever you bring to the mountain“. This complies with the rule „leave no trace“. Go to nature, visit, see, feel it - but do not destroy, do not leave your trash or take natural beauties with you. Flower is never that nice at home, as it was on the huge green meadow!
The only thing that is clear for our future, if we want to be able to visit and enjoy the same magnificent nature we have, be welcomed by the locals and be able to enjoy old traditions for long time, we must keep that in mind when visiting. Moreover, whenever possible, try to make things right, is someone else has left the garbage, we will pick it up, we will do our little small thing for the nature. Because world and life is made of many small steps, that together mean a big one!

We also truly believe that step by step we can make this a better world. Reuse bottles, reuse bags, recycle when not possible to reuse, do not throw away!

Sustainability and Croatia

Croatia is proud for its untouched nature, thanks to still non-massive tourism to and low industry production to harm it. However, becoming more and more popular, Croatia and you, as our visitor have to take care that it stays that way! Please respect our nature, keep in mind that Croatia has huge problems with fire in summer.

Never light a fire in the summer on the open areas, do not smoke or throw burning cigarettes in nature!

Croatia Natural and eco products

Croatia has forbidden to seed and plant GMO products. We are proud to say that we enjoy our eco products in our daily life. On our trips, we choose homemade products, vegetables planted by our service providers. Choosing homemade products is healthier, socially responsible; it is a way to give back to our hosts, and more DELICIOUS to eat.
We support homemade! Made in Croatia welcome!

Natural Croatia Adventure Travel as an ATTA member signed the ATTA values statement, which agrees with UNWTO’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, believes in the protection of children from harmful effects of tourism and is a signature of

Natural Croatia Adventure Travel supports TAP (Travelers Against Plastic), and has signed the TAP pledge. There for we encourage all travellers to avoid buying bottled water when they travel. We can advise using Water-to-Go bottles, avoid buying plastic bottles and save your money spent on bottled water.


  • Respect the nature; leave it as it was for the next generations!
  • Respect the locals, enjoy their knowledge, cuisine and company, but do not disturb their life and privacy!
  • Respect the animals, do not touch, scare, feed, or harm in any other way – we are visiting THEIR home


  • Do not print when you can keep it on the screen!
  • Walk, bike, kayak or sail instead of using motor vehicles!
  • Tap water instead of bottled
  • Paper bags instead of plastic
  • Do not smoke – it harms you, people around you and environment!